Technical Name: Amino acid

Category: Plant Growth Promoters

Mode of Action: Amino acid promotes plant growth and stimulates photosynthesis


    • AMINOS increase the production of chlorophyll and optimize the plant respiration and photosynthesis function of the plant.
    • AMINOS has high concentration of amino acids that promotes growth, vitality and crop performance
    • AMINOS promotes plant growth by stimulating cell division & reduces the incidence of nutrient leaching.
    • AMINOS improves flower retention, fruit set and increases marketable produce
    • AMINOS enhance the activity of anti-oxidant enzymes involved in plant tolerance to abiotic stress.

  • AMINOS Has a great role to play in the physiological activities of the plant and Serves as readymade building blocks aiding in protein synthesis.
  • AMINOS is Improve crop quality and It is Solubility in water.
  • AMINOS increase the yield during biotic as well as abiotic stress and increases the rhizosphere.
  • AMINOS provide Long shelf life and Improves the nutrient uptake in plants.
  • AMINOS is an organic solution and does not leave residues. Hence, it can be used at any stage of the crop growth.

Application and Dosage Recommendations:  Recommendation for the crops

1) Aminos is used upon pods cereals root crops cucurbits leafy vegetable vine crops tropical and subtropical
fruits and many others crops

Application methods

1) For complete canopy coverage by the applied product foliage application is recommended for every crops
1 Lit of water for application only 1-5ml of production is suggested .Aminos can sprayed uniformly upon the
crop can mixes other substance while applying.
2) Aminos is for the complete nutrition of the plants. Recommended dose of aminos per acre is 250-500ml of the product.