Technical Name: PICOXYSTROBIN 7.05% + PROPICONAZOLE 11.71% SC

Category: Fungicides

Mode of Action: Broad spectrum fungicide with Systemic activity

Pack Sizes: 200ml. , 400ml., 1ltr


    • SAYAKA is a Systematic multifunctional fungicide with strong preventive and durative action.
    • SAYAKA is Systemic fungicide for effective control of Sheath blight of Paddy and yellow rust of soybean and Wheat.
    • SAYAKA Fungicide with unique combination of very potent and complementary fungicide chemistries (Strobilurin and Triazole) for effective disease control.  
    • SAYAKA Causes enhancement of greenness of plant and Breaks down in soil quickly.

  • SAYAKA is a new generation molecule. It gives complete solution for Rice SheathBlight, Sheath Rot, False Smut and Brown Leaf Spot.
  • SAYAKA Combination of two modes of action and both preventive and curative action leads to excellent protection against difficult to control diseases and make it an ideal resistance management and IDM tool.
  • SAYAKA has unique redistribution properties viz, Systemic and Translaminar movement, diffusion in the wax layer, redistribution by air, Axial redistribution. These properties deliver complete and better coverage.
  • SAYAKA is Increases quality of grains & yield and gives complete solution for wide range of fungi.
  • SAYAKA Gives complete solution for wide range of fungi.
Recommended Crop Recommended Pest / Disease Per Acre Waiting period
Dosage Formulation (gm/ml) Dilution in water in ltr.
PaddySheath blight , False smut40020024
WheatYellow rust40020052