Technical Name: PYMETROZINE 50% WG

Category: Insecticides

Mode of Action: Systemic and Translaminar insecticide

Pack Sizes: 120g, 250g, 500g, 1kg


    • SURUGA is a novel insecticide with different chemistry that provides powerful  control against Rice plant hopper.
    • SURUGA delivers immediate crop protection through permanent feeding inhibition.
    • SURUGA It penetrates easily into the plant and ensures excellent rain fastness.
    • SURUGA paralyses hind legs of pests, results in dropping from plants & then pests
               die later from starvation.
    • SURUGA checks next generation by blocking egg laying of pests.

  • SURUGA prevents egg laying capacity in adults and thus no hopper resurgence.
  • SURUGA has Excellent crop tolerance Preserves the commercial value of the crop.
  • SURUGA an excellent tool for IPM and IRM programs to check the next generation by blocking egg-laying of pests.
  • SURUGA is Highly selective insecticide for beneficial insects and is safe to the environment
Recommended Crop Recommended Pest / Disease Per Acre Waiting period
Dosage Formulation (gm/ml) Dilution in water in ltr.
PaddyBrown plant hopper12020019