Technical Name: Chlorantraniliprole 0.4% GR

Category: Insecticides

Mode of Action: Systemic insecticide

Pack Sizes: 1kg, 4 kg


    • KASHIMA  is a Systemic insecticide in the granular form, effective for borer control in Rice and Sugarcane crops.

    • KASHIMA  has unique mode of action called Ryanodine Receptor Activators that disrupt normal muscle functions within the pest.

    • Resulting in impaired muscle paralysis, feeding cessation lethargy and eventually insect death.

  • KASHIMA has Long duration protection on pest.

  • KASHIMA selective and safe for non-target arthropods and conserves natural parasitoids, predators and pollinators.

  • KASHIMA has excellent tool for Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and provide growers greater flexibility in field operations.

  • KASHIMA has excellent solution for pest management and enables farmers to achieve higher yields and productivity.

Recommended Crop Recommended Pest / Disease Per Acre Waiting period
Dosage Formulation (gm/ml) Dilution in water in ltr.
RiceYellow stem borer, Leaf folder4kgBroadcast53
SugarcaneEarly shoot borer, Top borer7.5kgBroadcast147