Technical Name: Naturally Derived

Category: Plant Growth Promoters

Mode of Action: Humic acid based Biostimulant

Pack Sizes: 100ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1Ltr


    • HUMETSU is blend of Naturally derived organic matter and nutrients.
    • It is specially made for Indian crops and Agro-climatic conditions.
    • HUMETSU is derived from exclusive natural feedstock from Siberian Leonardites field of Russia, which are the results of millions of years natural fermentation process by soil microbes.
    • HUMETSU gets quickly absorbed in plant and participate the nutritional Bio-chemical process as well as develops the inherent strength to fight against adverse weather conditions.

  • Unique Russian source ensures excellent quality raw material
  • Excellent manufacturing ensures availability of multiple Macro and Micro nutrients
  • Benefits Soil as well as Crops
  • Combats with abiotic stresses.
  • Not only Yield Enhancer, but also Quality Enhancer
  • Free from Heavy metals, Pollutants because of Naturally occurring origin
  • Good compatibility with maximum plant protection chemicals




Seed treatment

5-10 ml/kg of seed

Make slurry in water  to coat the Seed surface


Soil Drench/ Root feeding

800-1000 ml/acre

Soil drench followed by irrigation

Foliar Application

400-500 ml/acre

Apply 2-3 times at critical growth stages like

1. Tillering, Root formation, Branching stage

2. Flower initiation to Early fruit setting stage