Technical Name: QUIZALOFOP ETHYL 5% EC

Category: Herbicides


Pack Sizes: 100ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1ltr

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    • RYUSEI a systemic herbicide of aryloxy phenoxy propionate group.
    • RYUSEI is recommended on Soyabean, Groundnut, Onion and Black gram for  control of grassy weeds.
    • RYUSEI  affected weeds are unable to regenerate.
    • RYUSEI is applied at 20 to 25 days after sowing and remain effective for longer period of  killing all new germinated weeds

  • RYUSEI after application show the toxic symptoms in weeds within 5-8 days and then completely killed it in 10 to 15 days.
  • RYUSEI is quickly absorbed by leaves within 1 to 4 hours hence the rain comes  after above period does not affect its efficacy.
  • RYUSEI is the best technical as a post emergent in soybean crop and no resistance is reported against it.
  • RYUSEI should be used as per the recommended spray volume of 150 to 160 liters per acre the low water volume can develop resistance of weeds
Recommended Crop Recommended Pest / Disease Per Acre Waiting period
Dosage Formulation (gm/ml) Dilution in water in ltr.
SoyabeanBarnyard grass, Jungle rice ,Love grass, Crab grass etc. 300-400200-24095
CottonBarnyard grass, Jungle rice, viper grass, Crab grass etc. 40020094
GroundnutBarnyard grass, viper grass, Crowfoot grass etc. 300-40020089
Black gramGoose grass, Crowfoot grass, Crab grass, Love grass, Barnyard grass, viper grass etc. 300-40020052
OnionCrab grass, Goose grass, Crowfoot grass, Love gross etc. 300-400150-1807